Why The Law Of Attraction Hasn’t Worked For You Yet…

manifest-a-dreamIf you’ve ever tried to manifest your dream or vision and have failed, you may be wondering why others seem to have been able to achieve this- and you haven’t.

For most people, trying to believe that the Law of Attraction exists is a challenge in itself. More so, if you’ve watched the movie The Secret, read books about manifesting or perhaps even turned up to a live session with one of the so-called Law of Attraction Gurus.

Yet, although it claims to be pretty easy and straightforward, it simply doesn’t or refuses to work for you.

You see, although I may not know you personally, nor know your specific situation or request, I’m pretty confident that I can identify the likely element that’s stopping it all from happening.

And, I also bet that you are actually close to manifesting your dreams, and this element that is currently preventing it, is perhaps not as big as you think.

So, you’ve prepared your Vision Board, you think about your dream or vision constantly…And yet nothing seems to happen. Why?

Let me ask you a question. When you think of your dream, how do you actually feel about it? Do you think it could happen, it must happen or perhaps it should happen right now?

When the Law Of Attraction is actually at work, manifesting anything works easily and effortlessly. And there within lies the problem for most people who haven’t received the results they were after just yet.

focusing-too-hardSometimes without realizing, we can try and force the Law of Attraction to work by placing conditions around timing for example and then we focus on the time and the event hard core!

What you’re actually doing by focusing so heavily on this dream that MUST happen and it MUST happen in YOUR specific time, is in fact working counter intuitively to the way this powerful force actually operates.

In fact, to put it very simply…you’re just working too hard for it. You are overthinking it.

And you’re not to blame for that either. As children, we are always taught that we need to work hard to get whatever you want in life. Yet, the Law of Attraction requires just faith and belief-not much else.

At this point however, you’re not likely to believe me that that is the reason! But consider this for a moment. When you go to your car in the morning, you expect it to start. When you turn on the hot water tap to take a shower, you expect hot water. When you turn on the TV, you expect to get picture and sound.

I’m willing to bet that you don’t really think about these things much. They just happen don’t they? You don’t need to get hung up whether the car will start each time or whether the light switch won’t work. Yet, when you think about it, you’re able to manifest this positive result constantly!

Therefore, when you start to realize this, you need to start to remember from this point on, that you’re already able to manifest things in your life constantly- and WITHOUT much thought or effort. These items simply came your way.

The Law Of Attraction always works this way. You think about or contemplate a dream or specific change you want in your life and then you leave it to the universe to figure out the best way to provide it to you.

I do need to clear up a possible misconception at this point though. The universe will always make a way for what you’ve requested to manifest, but, it won’t usually just ‘fall in your lap’. You will be required to take action on it, but the key takeaway here is- know that something is coming your way and have faith that you will know the right time to take action as it is presented to you.

Winning At Life
             Don’t overthink it- manifestation occurs

Again, don’t force it. It will not be the Law of Attraction at work. It will be you at work! You only job at this point is to have absolute belief, expectations and certainty. The stronger these three elements are, the more effortlessly manifesting begins.

So there you have it. The secret to effortless manifestation is now at your disposal. Remember to keep using your Vision Board for visualizing, not for focusing or stressing.

By the way, you can create a moving digital vision board if you think that might help you with the visualizing too. Some people find it easier to adapt to a moving image and identify with it easier than a still image.

You could use some movie creation software to create a digital vision board or you can actually get software that was designed with this in mind. The only dedicated software that I’ve been able to find to do this is called mind movies. This review by Mark Wilson was one of the better explanations I’ve seen of this product, as it shows you in detail how it works. But, if you don’t want to pay, there are as I said, many video editing free software that you get just download online.

Remember, it’s a small difference that makes a difference. The Law Of Attraction is super powerful when using feeling to create belief and faith.

There’s no harm in visually your dream in your mind- it’s something you want to do constantly. Close your eyes (if that helps you more) and see what it is your requesting come into your life.

Really try and feel that it’s real- but without injecting any sort of stressful emotion. Peacefully visualize it and leave it for the Law of Attraction to choose the perfect way for you.

Pure and simple effortless manifestation through the correct use of the Law Of Attraction. Change your approach today and watch how it happens for you now- finally!