Positive thinking and the Law of Attraction: make it work for you

With the growth of “The Secret” and related media in recent years, the concept of the Law of Attraction has gained much attention in popular culture. What exactly is it? How does it work?

While much of the material is clouded with a New Age philosophy feel, it can be easy to dismiss the phenomenon as another trendy fad. The summaries range from overly simplistic, to needlessly complicated, which can make getting to grips with the concept a confusing prospect.

In short, the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”, or rather that people can draw to them what they put out. This is expanded in the language of “positive thinking”: when we focus on what could go right (as opposed to worrying about what could go wrong), we find that beneficial things happen to us.

Often this concept is presented with abstract imagery of sending out vibrations into the universe, and it somehow sensing and responding to these by placing rewards within our reach. The truth is rather more accessible. As an exercise in mind control (that is, being in charge of our own thoughts and therefore influencing our subconscious), very powerful results may follow.

For example, many of us are familiar with the trap of planning against catastrophe. This means that when we start a new venture, such as a job, a relationship, a trip, etc. we find it easier to fall into the habit of considering the pitfalls. What if I don’t make enough money to support me/my family? What if my partner leaves me? What if I have an accident while I’m travelling? Our minds become clogged with negative energy, which in turn leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Habitually negative thinkers generate negative actions. We become anxious, insecure, fearful of what awaits us. This tends to mean we take more careful decisions, hesitant steps, and uncertain or feeble attempts to patch ‘weaknesses’.

The Law of Attraction seeks to mend these failures in thought processing. Instead of focusing on (potential) loss, it enables people to focus on gains. What if I am promoted? What if I’ll be with this person forever? What if I learn something new while I’m away?

By training ourselves to think on the positive, we develop a habit of creation. We become excited by and accustomed to finding creative solutions for the life we picture for ourselves. The sort of life that gives us value, brings us joy, enables us to tackle bolder, riskier challenges because we have the confidence to do so.

If it helps, ignore the murky role of the universe in this. By shifting focus on desires and how to fulfil them by creative positive things (rather than focus on avoiding negatives), people begin to project their reality on their world. They have faith in their actions, and take decisive steps to realise what they have already pictured daily.

Nurturing an optimistic outlook makes us positive people, which makes it much easier to attract relationships, pursue goals, and reach beyond out comfort zone.

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