How clearly can you see your road to success?

You have begun learning about the Law of Attraction and how it works. Maybe you have already started the process of visualising your dream life, and what it would look like to achieve your goals. Sometimes, this can be a difficult image to keep in mind, which is where vision boards come in.

A vision board does not need to be seen by anyone but yourself, which makes it an incredibly powerful and highly customized tool to picture the life you want. Each individual has their priorities and understanding of what would make them happy, and a myriad of unique images to comfort, encourage, and inspire towards that very goal.

The best place for a vision board is somewhere that you can see daily. Attach it to your fridge, put it up over your bed, you could even hang it on your front door so it is the last thing you see before you go out and face your day.

But what is the best way to create it? What should you include?

This varies from person to person. Plenty of successful people have envisioned the life they want using vision boards, but what they aspired to might not be the same as what you want. It is also important to update your vision board as time goes on so that it is always fresh, exciting, and fully equipped to bring about the power of positivity.

The first step is goal setting. What would it mean for you to be successful? In what area? If you were to attain success, what would your daily life be filled with? What items would you surround yourself with? What locations would you regularly visit?

To answer all these questions, your quest is to collect and collate a collage of images, either from lifestyle magazines, printed from the internet, even drawn and written by your own hand. This serves as a daily affirmation, helping you keep a clear and constant image in your mind of the lifestyle you are trying to achieve.

Anything that we focus on regularly has the potential to expand. Instead of making the same mistakes of worrying about all that could go wrong, we can more easily access our vision boards at the forefront of our minds and truly picture all the things that make us feel accomplished and fulfilled.

Many people can get too literal with this approach, and find less success with this exercise. That is because it is very important to focus on how our desired lifestyle makes us feel as opposed to just filling the board with things we want. Include inspirational quotes, pictures of happy places from childhood, really fill the space with all the feel-good memories, emotions, and aspirations.

When our minds have been exposed to such images daily, success becomes a matter of habit, and not some miraculous obstacle to overcome by chance. It really is within our grasp, and it’s as simple as a poster of all our favorite things.


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