The Power of Visualization

Visualization, also known as Mental Imagery or Visual Mental Rehearsal (VMR) can be a powerful tool when applying the Law of Attraction to your own life. Visualization is the practice of imagining yourself -no more than that- seeing yourself achieving a certain goal or obtaining a certain possession. The idea is that by picturing yourself already having your visualization, it will make it more realistic to obtain.


So what does it do?

In short, by ‘programming’ your brain it’s possible to make it more likely to achieve your goals and see positive results. It’s natural to be sceptical about what some may call Pseudoscience, but a quick search on the countless number of celebrities, business magnates and athletes who swear blind by Visualization, would tell you that there is most likely something to the exercise.


Athletes? Like who?

Perhaps the most well-known name in snooker right now, Ronnie O’Sullivan always has Dr Steve Peters, a ‘Sports Psychiatrist’ close to hand before and during big tournaments. Ronnie is told to imagine happy scenes such as blue skies, tranquil holidays etc. to get in a calm state before a match.

Wayne Rooney, current England captain and Manchester United legend, takes it even further by confessing to lying in bed and night and imagining himself scoring goal after goal after goal. That sounds like a very productive way to count sheep!


How Visualization can benefit you in everyday life

You don’t have to be a genius stockbroker, Hollywood star or Sports star to wreak the benefits of Visualization. You can use it as a way to give yourself a boost to do achieve smaller goals. Maybe to lose some weight, or work towards a promotion at work.


How do I do it?

Visualization is incredibly easy to do. The most important thing to remember is to make it as real as possible; engage all 5 senses in your visions. Go through multiple different scenarios that might take you away from your goal; just be sure to vizualize yourself overcoming each and every one of those scenarios to further boost your confidence that you can in fact bring your goal into reality.


But where’s the proof?

Yes hard proof of results is always the best motivator to start something new. Here you go: In a study by The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, researchers found that weightlifters who visualized performing bicep curls without actually doing them, regularly for two weeks found that they had a whopping 13.5% increase in strength. That’s the power of mind over the body!


All in all, Visualization is another yet another branch of The Law of Attraction; Attracting positive outcomes in to your life. So next time you wonder why you haven’t gotten that girl of your dreams yet, that dream job, or that gold plated Lamborghini, maybe, just maybe you should sit down, close your eyes and imagine yourself kissing that girl, signing that contract, or driving down the road at 200MPH in your ridiculous car!


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